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SPRAYDO - Guarantee of Quality and Accuracy

By collaborating and listening to the farmers, we are creating the future farm and we are looking for the best nozzles on the market to ensure accurate dosing, even coverage, droplet downwind and the most suitable droplet size and pressure.
Tractor spraying pesticides on soybean field  with sprayer at spring

Who are we?

Today, SPRAYDO sells the most known nozzle manufacturers in Europe, which have made a significant contribution to spraying technology. Nozzle manufacturers find innovative solutions for every plant, so nozzle quality is trusted by both us and farmers and sprayer manufacturers around the world.

Our purpose

Fertilizer application in Lithuanian and European farms is as low as possible. Proper nozzle selection to minimize the loss of material being sprayed and at the same time keep as much of it as possible on the surface to be sprayed. Not only the responsible use of fertilizers can reduce water, soil and air pollution, but also ourselves.